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Anonymous asked:

could you explain what plasma is please? Ive looked at the wiki page but i dont really understand

nanodash answered:



I think the best way to explain this is to compare it to the other states of matter so here is a run-down

Solids - molecules are structured rigidly and resist deformation of shape or volume.

Liquids - molecules can move passed one another, resists changes in volume.

Gas - Molecules can be separated by much space and fly around each other. Can be deformed in shape and volume.

Now, in a gas each molecule will be charge neutral. However, the molecules can interact weakly with each other through what is called van der Waals forces. These forces keep the cloud kind of together and explain some gas behaviour.

In a plasma all (or enough) of the molecules are ionised. That is, they have charge. So the molecules are going to interact in a much stronger way. Additionally, electricity can be conducted by plasma.

There’s not a huge amount of plasma on Earth. We’re talking; neon lights, lightning, electric sparks, fire. But stars are all plasma, so it’s actually the most abundant form of matter in the universe.